hr by design


Human Capital Specialist

We work directly with Owners, CEO's, General Managers, CFO's, Controllers and Business Managers who have HR responsibilities as a part of their role within the organization, but don't have HR staff to call on for answers. Let HRbyD, be your outsourced HR solution.

Who We Are

HR by Design, Inc. (HRbyD) was founded by John Chalekian in 2001 when the need for professional Human Resource business services became imperative for small businesses to better deploy their top talent to raise profitability. By encouraging employees to solve operational issues at their level, an organization can dramatically increase it's organizational efficiency and/or improve customer service levels.

HRbyD is a Human Resource Consulting Services firm that understands the unique work environment of its clients. We work closely with CEO's, CFO's and other key contributors to provide a return on investment for your human capital dollars.