People Management

Urgent Employee Relations Issue?

We have your solutions

Dealing with a difficult employee situation or just handling a 'difficult' person puts you uncomfortably in the middle. There is a cadre of employee rights you should be aware under the various Federal and State employment laws. While trying to address the situation, It seems like one wrong statement by you and you are on the "hot seat" with formal inquires by Regulatory Agencies, employee lawsuits or "bad press" that reflects poorly on you internally and externally.


Call us First

Before you try to resolve the issue, call for a consultation. We will help by:

- alert you to applicable issues related to Federal or State employment laws.

- boil the situation down to business issues and why you must address the situation now.

- coach you on how to conduct a smooth, focused conversation that will resolve the issues.

Performance Management

Our process allows for corrective action management. The setting of expectations related to behaviors, future performance and meeting outcomes for those involved is critical for success resolution. We will help script an action plan that is easily followed so you can lead the meeting to an acceptable resolution.

Reducing Risk

We greatly reduce your risk by annually reviewing and updating HR policies, procedures, common pratices, HR processes, employee handbooks, safety manuals and other employee communications is a necessity. Subscribe to our communication checkup and we will keep your firm up-to-date with its employee relations documents.